The Compensation and the Public housing Committe

This committee is in charge of the following:

  1. Receive and examine real property compenstion claims on properties damaged by planning and replanning of land that the competent department referred to the committee and determine the amount of compensation due; 
  2. Compile a shortlist of UAE citizens who are eligible for free or subsidised housing. The committee shall also arrange the shortlist according to the eligibility for special priority status, the social status of the candidates and any other requirements the committee deems as necessary. It shall also draw up a list of candidates eligible to receive housing assistance from the government upon the approval of the council;.
  3. Give, in coordination with the competent authorities, opinion on issues pertaining to public housing designs, exterior designs and house sections;
  4. Investigate, in coordination with the competent authorities, cases of expropriation for the public good and to give opinion on the amount of the compensation and restitution the affected person is elligible to receive as opposed to the rights arising from his/her utitilization of the propoerty in question;
  5. Reslove, in coordination with the competent authorities, the dispuites between the candidates entitled to receive compensation from the government so as to ensure the rights of the parties concerned in the dispute;
  6. Examine any other issues that the Council refers to the committee.