Planning and Development Committee

  • This committee is in charge of the following:
  • View street and modern road layouts prepared by the competent authorities for review and feedback prior to its adoption by the competent authorities.
  • View schemes for building and naming streets and  roads and other relevant  infrastructure layouts with a view to the submission of concrete recommendations to the competent authorities;
  • View the organizational charts of the new areas the government propsoes planning for review and feedback;
  • Examine the rules and procedures pertaining to the sale of real estate and land use owned by the Council, and the and the fees recommended for each. The committee shall also examine roadworks permit. use of public utilities that come within the jurisdiction of the municipality;
  • Examine, in coordination with the competent authorities, the rules and regulations governing design offices and permit applications for building, demolition, repair and modification;
  • Examine, in coordination with the competetnt authorities, the rules and regulations pertaining to the advertising permit, the advertising billboards,other commercial shop and street advertising;
  • Study the construction of sanitation projects taking into account the functions assumed by the Public Works Department in this respect;
  • Examine any other issues that the Council refers to the committee.