Committee for Arbitration, Dispute Settlement and Complaints and Recommendations

This committee is in charge of the following:

  1. Taking into consideration the existing legislation, and without prejudice to the right of a dissenting party to have recourse to the court, the committee shall resolve and settle the dispute brought before it  upon the agreement of the parties concerned in the dispute to submit the dispute to the Arbitration Committee or to refer the dispute to court by request for arbitration;    
  2. Examine complaints submitted by the contractor or the property owner or their legal representative that had arisen from the implementation of the contract. The committee shall thus bridge the divergent views between the parties to the conflict and resolve existing disaggreements;
  3. Receive complaints and proposals from the public or Council refers to the committee on issues relating to the municipality. The issues include,  the quality of the public services and the performance of their delivery, the means for examining, improving and checking those services. This committee shall thus propose suitable solutions and procedures for resolving those issues;
  4. Grant permission at the request of the property owner or the the legal represenative to replace the existing contractor with another one if it is proved to the committee that compelling circumstances called for this procedure. The committee shall make it clear to the affected person by this decision that he/she shall have the right to resort to the competent court  to overhaul or amend the decision. The committee shall also establish the conditions as it deems appropriate for rendering such decision. Exceptions are made for government construction projects that were not referred to the committee by the Council upon the approval of the competent authority;
  5. Draw up and propose,  in coordination with the other committes, fees relating to the competence of the committee;
  6. Examine any other issues that the Council refers to the committee.