Committee for Fianacial and Administartive Affairs

This committee is in charge of:

  1. Update the Council's real property inventory and propose regulations for the managemnet of property. The committee shall implement the best methods for the utilitzation of the Council’s property.It shall also propose the rules and regulations governing the iterim use of those properties which come within the geographic and adminstartive jurisdiction of the Council; 
  2. Give opinion, in accordance with the conditions approved by the existing legislation, on the public utilization report for lands and special real estates required to execute the municipal projects or the temporary use of lands for municipal purposes; 
  3. Taking into consideration its competernce, the committee shall study the draft regulation concerning the promotion of tourism. It shall also examine the most suitable regulations for creating the best environment for economic growth projects. The committee shall, in coordination with the competent authorities, propose the most approiate means to attract investors and tourists;  
  4. Examine issues related to municipality fees and other fees of similar nature, fee categories , proposed fees amendments and the collection and exemption of fees;
  5. Oversee and control the implemenation of municipal bylaws, descisions and regulations;
  6. Study proposals related to the financial and adminstartive affairs and choose those that are most appropriate for further consideration;
  7. Supervise purchases, services and equipments required to perform the Council’s duties;
  8. Examine issues related to the disposition of funds allocated to the Council.
  9. Examine and give opinion on each obligation or monopoly concerning the use of a public utility within the jurisdiction of the municipality.
  10. Give opinion on the legal and administarive procedures required to manage the Council’s properties and its perception of rents and revenues. 
  11. Oversee the existing finances and the adminstrartive position of the council for review and feedback;
  12. Examine and address the occcupational needs of the executive team of the concerned municipality in order to improve performance at work;
  13. Study the organizational structure, efficiency reports, promotions and bonusses of the executive team of the concerned municipality;
  14. Discuss and supervise the implementation of the draft budget and  the final accounts.
  15. Oversee and control the implementation of the budget items.
  16. Taking into account the existing legislation, the committee shall oversee government tenders and  bids and contract award procedure. It shall also oversee the contracts conferring financial rights and imposing obligations on the concerned municipality;
  17. Give legal and financial advice on any other issues that the Council refers to the committee;
  18. Examine any other issues that the Council refers to the committee.